Pet Minder Public Liability Insurance

Pets can come in all shapes and sizes,  provides pet minders public liability insurance in Ireland . Our policy provides for pet minders seeking public liability cover for pet minding services.

What is pet minder public liability insurance?

Among other things The  pet sitting insurance cover includes public liability insurance if you have any paid or unpaid helpers, collection and delivery of minded pets, and liability to animals in your care, custody or control.If a pet sitter, pet walker or house sitter lost the keys while he/she is given access to a customers property, the cost of replacement locks can be insured.

How much is public liability insurance for a pet minder?

The cost of pet minder public liability insurance will depend on a few key factors such as the nature your business. How much work you undertake and your previous business and claims experience. The Pet Minder Insurance team are waiting to take you call now on 091 563 518.